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SPM9613 Version 2 Output Screen Shots

Below are some screen shots of SPM9613 Output and explanations of how they are used.

Project Plan View
OUTPUT Screen 1: After creating your project, you can use this screen to be sure you've located you equipment and observers at the correct locations.

Ground Hardness
OUTPUT Screen 2: Shows the ground hardness that will be used for the contour calculation based on your previous input.   

Ground Elevation
OUTPUT Screen 3Shows you the ground elevation that will be used for the contour calculation based on your previous input. 

OUTPUT Screen 4: This form shows you the computed sound levels for each source at each observer location.  A particular observer location (x, y, z) can be viewed by selecting it from a drop down menu.

OUTPUT Screen 5: This screen is the contour results you will obtain.  The computed sound data used to create the contour is provided in (x, y, dB) coordinates so you can easily import it for overlay on drawings or aerial photos using any external post processing program such as SURFER from Golden Software.

Ranked Sound Source Plot
OUTPUT Screen 6: This allows the user to view the top ten sound sources at any given observer location.


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