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Expert Witness Acoustical Consultant on Noise Issues

David J. Parzych

Under the scrutiny of lawyers, commissioners and opposition, Dave has never failed to help the project team receive approval on cases where he has testified on noise issues.  Examples of the types of cases he's worked on are provided below.  With over 25 years of experience in the field of acoustical engineering and noise control, he is known as an expert in outdoor sound propagation modeling, power plant and industrial noise.   Dave is a Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Oregon with specialty in Acoustical Engineering (PE18940) and a Board Certified Member (by written examination) of the Institute of Noise Control Engineers.  He has been an invited speaker and author in various engineering conference sessions on noise modeling and abatement prediction and design. He also holds a patent in gas turbine silencing and has served as a member of several American Standards Committees on noise and acoustics.

He has acted as an expert witness as shown in the 10 representative cases below:

Expert Witness (defendant)

Florida – Testimony (April 2007) Jury Trial, Criminal Case, Fresco’s Waterfront Bistro St. Petersburg, FL

Links to television coverage of high profile noise case below (follow the blue links below to see the TV news page coverage):

MyFox Tampabay News - After verdict - Day 2

Tampabays 10 News - After Day 1 of trial

Expert Witness

Illinois – Testimony (Jan 2004) for modification to Illinois Noise Regulation Section 901.122 Ameren Elgin Facility Site-Specific Noise Emission Limitations

(Source: Added at 28 Ill. Reg.11910, effective July 30, 2004)

TITLE 35: Environmental Protection Subtitle H: Noise Chapter I: Pollution Control Board Part 901 Sound Emission Standards And Limitations For Property Line Noise Sources

Expert Witness (plaintiff)

North Carolina – Testimony Quasi-Judicial Hearing
Recycling Facility - Raleigh, NC,   (June 2005)

Expert Witness  (defendant)

Georgia – Lawsuit Community vs Large Power Facility
Heard County Georgia (June 2004)

Expert Witness (Special Land Use Cases
in Project Support)
  • Testimony - Brunswick County, North Carolina -  (July 2004)
  • Shotwell, North Carolina – Construction and Demolition Landfill, June 2006
  • Testimony - Limerick, Pennsylvania, (Power Generation Facility), Dec 1999
  • Testimony - Bartlett, Illinois,  (Power Generation Facility) Fall 2000
  • Testimony - City of Elgin, Illinois (Power Generation Facility), Feb 2001
  • Udair County, Iowa – (Power Generation Facility) Oct 2001

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