Large Diesel Earth Moving Equipment Noise

Acoustical Analysis, Noise Measurement and Abatement Technology:
Our acoustical consultants use the latest and best available technology and equipment for our sound level measurements, analysis and designs.  Some examples of our capabilities and types of services we can offer are included below.

Noise Control Analysis Software
Sound Level Predictions:

We have software to predict community noise levels and employee noise exposures BEFORE your facility is built.  We not only use the software, we write it.  See SPM9613.  

Sound Measurement Equipment
Long Term Sound Monitoring:

We have several weatherproof long term "logging" monitors we use for analyzing sound levels that may change over a period of 24 hours or more.   These can be useful for observing changes or time histories of the ambient environment during the day or for measuring and documenting the changes that occur when a noise source is "turned on" as shown in the figure above.   In many cases, 24 hour or longer measurements can provide significantly clearer representations of the situation than can be obtained by a single "snapshot in time" with a handheld sound level meter.

Diagnostic Measurements
Very Narrow Band Frequency Resolution Measurements:

We have sound instrumentation that can measure well above and below audible frequency ranges and everything in between.  Our FFT instrumentation allows us to measure very narrow frequency bands for diagnostic purposes when we need be "exact".  That's particularly useful to help find out what's wrong with the equipment or machine. 

We also use octave band and 1/3 octave band sound measurement equipment to help with modeling simulations and measuring frequency dependent noise ordinances. 

We can communicate with you
Sound Level Contours:

We present data in an easily visualized way to help you to understand the situation without needing a background in the field of acoustical engineering.

Sound data to support theory
Silencer and Transmission Loss Performance Calculations:

When silencing needs to be designed, we have methodology that's been honed from years of field test data and high levels of theoretical development.  Our methodologies account for flow temperature, flow speed and direction, geometry, materials and various other physical properties. 
We also have the tools to estimate the transmission loss properties of composite metal wall structures and standard building materials.

We have designed over 350 silencers and mufflers for large gas turbine applications where the silencers can reach over 30 feet in length and have cross sections of 500 Sq. Ft.!!!  Having the theory, data and expertise to back up the calculations can save a significant amount of cost and avoid "over design" of the silencer. 

Acoustical Standards
Testing to the Standards:

Often our work requires A-weighted, community or OSHA sound level measurements that must be performed in accordance with ANSI, ASTM, ISO or MIL-STD standards.  We prepare test protocols that meet the standards and won't be easily challenged by other noise control engineers after the test is completed.

We also perform field transmission loss tests and reverberation time measurements...all to the standards.

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