Commercial Noise and Power Acoustics

We can help you through all your project's acoustic design phases, including your initial engineering and planning stages and facility layout strategies, Environmental Impact Assessments and Expert Witness support, developing the facility's Noise Control Design and performing Noise Compliance and Diagnostic Sound Measurements.

A small representative sample of our commercial projects

Hospital Noise Consulting

Hospitals Can Be Loud

We performed a noise study to define the existing sound within the neonatal unit and common areas of the Arnold Palmer Children's Hospital. We also determined the sound spectra of each piece of medical equipment used within the rooms. Our data was used to develop a sound absorption and masking system to make the area more acceptable to newborn babies and hospital staff.
Measurement of sound within the Children's Neonatal Unit - Orlando, Florida.
Video Arcade Noise Wall

Theme Park Hotel Wall (STC and Sound Transmission)

Isolating noise areas from quiet areas is essential in many environments. In this example, Power Acoustics, Inc. performed noise tests within several video arcades to determine the sound pressure levels and spectrum shape expected inside the arcade. We then used the data to design wall and door systems with ample STC and sound transmission loss characteristics to contain the noise within the arcade and out of the hotel lobby.
Video Arcade Wall Design - Orlando, Florida
Noisy Golf Clubhouse Restaurant

Noisy Golf Clubhouse Restaurant

Prior to renovations and remodeling, the members of this clubhouse believed the sound inside was acceptable during full capacity dining. After an architectural redesign, the visually appealing space was considered "loud" during events when the room was near maximum occupancy. It was found that during renovations much of the sound absorptive surfaces were removed. We measured the reverberation times within the space and developed an analytical acoustical model of the interior sound. Recommendations were made to help reduce the build-up of sound within the room with minimal impact to the visually appealing aesthetics of the renovation.
Noisy after renovation - Sarasota, Florida.
Automotive Centers and Car Washes

New Stores

We've measured the sound from existing automotive centers, car washes and other retail stores as well as the current ambient sound levels near the residents affected by the proposed new facility. We used the sound level data collected to simulate the proposed facility's sound at the neighbor's homes and estimate its impact relative to the sound currently generated by roadways and other noise sources.
Estimating the noise impact of a new store on nearby neighbors - Pasco, County Florida.
Cooling Tower Noise Abatement

Noisy Cooling Towers at Senior Living Facility

A new cooling tower exceeded a local property line noise ordinance. We designed noise abatement including sound walls and silencers to achieve the noise ordinance criteria and evaluated replacement cooling towers that would achieve the requirements.
Cooling Tower Noise Abatement
Institutional Kitchen Noise Abatement

Noisy Commercial Kitchens

A commercial kitchen was causing employee daily noise doses to exceed OSHA criteria for a hearing conservation program. We assessed the noise sources and designed noise abatement to help reduce sound within the facility.
Noisy Reverberant Spaces
Gym Noise

Vibration and Noise from Fitness Centers

Fitness Centers are difficult neighbors for adjoining office spaces. We assessed the noise transmission paths through floors, walls and ceilings and designed noise abatement to help reduce the transmission of vibration and sound to neighboring office areas.
Noisy Gyms
Outdoor Racing Noise
Indoor Racing Noise

Outdoor and Indoor Racing Facilities

Outdoor and Indoor racing facilities have unique noise problems. We've assessed the community noise impacts of outdoor facilities and the interior sound of Indoor facilities.

Each type of facility requires different types of noise abatement.

While outdoor facilities require assessment of sound barriers and estimating sound transmission to nearby neighbors, indoor facilities require building noise treatments to reduce noise heard by the drivers.
Racing Car, Go Kart, and Motor Cycle Facilities
New facility Noise Expert Witness and Testimony

Working with our clients to resolve noise challenges before their Facility is built

Power Acoustics, Inc. typical involvement as an expert witness is related to projects in need of special use permits or zoning approvals. However, we also perform work in eminent domain issues, criminal cases, and various other situations requiring acoustical expertise.
Expert Witness and Testimony for Special Use Permits and Legal Support
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