Noise Control and Acoustical Consulting Services

Let's turn your noise challenges into successful projects.
Our acoustical consultants use the latest and most advanced noise prediction and modeling software, precision sound measurement equipment and detailed acoustical analysis that enable us to help our clients achieve their project's noise requirements and goals. Contact us before your noise challenges become noise pollution problems.
  • Community Noise impact and assessment studies and reports
  • Computer aided community noise predictions of new projects
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIS) support
  • Permitting and public hearing support
  • Expert witnessing and testimony
  • Facility overall noise control design optimization and specifications
  • Sound level contour plotting for community or OSHA requirements
  • Community noise surveys
  • Property line noise testing
  • Industrial equipment testing
  • Field Transmission Loss (FTL) testing of building walls
  • Reverberation time (T60) testing
  • Wall, ceiling and roof transmission loss estimates and designs
  • Sound Enclosure design
  • Silencer and Muffler designs
  • Diagnostic, forensic and specialized testing
  • Noise Screens and Sound Barrier Wall designs
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) analysis
  • Design assessment and second opinions

Leading to Successful Projects

We work closely with each client to better understand the unique challenges involved with their projects. Client success and satisfaction is our goal.