About Us

Helping to reduce your project's workplace and community noise.
Noise Consultant measuring cooling tower sound Power Acoustics, Inc. is a professional acoustical consulting company offering a full array of sound measurement and noise control design services. We embrace a philosophy that by working with our clients at the conceptual and project engineering design stages, we can significantly reduce the overall project's noise control costs. Also, by addressing noise control at the early project stages, we can work with engineers, architects and design professionals to assure the necessary noise abatement design features are integrated into your challenging noise project before you have a noise problem. At project engineering and preliminary design stages, we can often develop noise control strategies and treatments that utilize standard building materials that further reduce your project's final cost. But, if you forgot to consider noise until the neighbors started to complain, we also measure, analyze and design solutions for existing noise problems.

Power Acoustics, Inc. was founded in 1998 by company president and principal consultant, Dave Parzych. The company was formed to primarily serve the acoustical needs of the Electric Power Generation Industry related to power plant projects on a global basis. In 2002, based on overwhelming client demand in the Orlando Florida area to apply our services to other types of applications, we've expanded to include all industrial, commercial and residential projects in the Florida area and most southeastern states.

Power Acoustics' acoustical consulting services include environmental noise impact analysis and assessment, industrial noise control design, architectural acoustics, vibration control, and expert witness and testimony. Our typical clients are architectural and engineering firms, utilities, law firms, municipalities, local governments, equipment manufacturers, and various other design professionals.

As an independent acoustical consulting firm, Power Acoustics, Inc. has no financial interests tied to equipment manufacturing, installation of silencing equipment, noise enclosures, building materials or buildings. Our opinions, recommendations and designs are professionally based on scientific analysis, necessity for your project's success and cost effectiveness. If noise control hardware is necessary, we can provide our clients with contacts for competent equipment manufacturers or fabricators that can accurately build, supply and install our recommended noise abatement or acoustical designs. We never accept kickbacks or revenue sharing from any suppliers we recommend. Our clients can select from vendors we suggest or pick their own. Offering our clients the ability to combine Power Acoustics, Inc.'s vast acoustical design and analysis experience along with competitive bidding and procurement of the hardware assures our client will always receive the most economical and practical noise control solutions possible.