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Power Acoustics, Inc. - Acoustical Consulting Services for Over a Quarter Century

We take precision Sound Level Measurements, Predict Community Noise from your facility's engineering drawings, Analyze and Solve Existing Noise Problems, Design Noise Abatement to meet Noise Ordinances and Regulations, and provide Expert Witness and Testimony for proposed projects/or existing facilities with noise issues. That's What We Do.

We've completed hundreds of projects at locations throughout Florida, the USA and Internationally. Since 1998, Power Acoustics' has provided acoustical and noise control consulting services from our Orlando Florida offices to the Power Generation Industry and to other Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Transportation facilities.

Power Plant Noise Studies

Power Plants & Industrial

Cogeneration, Gas Power Plants, Nuclear, Solar, Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (RICE), Biomass, Coal Power Plants, Landfills, Data Centers and other Industry
Commercial and Residential Acoustics

Commercial & Residential

Architectural and Environmental Noise Control Designs, Building Wall STC Tests, Community Noise Surveys, Residential and Commercial HVAC Noise Designs.
Transportation and Construction Noise


Noise Impact Assessments, Construction Noise, Computer Noise Models and Predictions, Sound Wall Designs, Expert Witnessing, Eminent Domain Issues.

The Orlando, Florida based Power Acoustics, Inc. is a firm member of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants, with a principal acoustical consultant that's Board Certified by the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, as well as a full member of the Acoustical Society of America and American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

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